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Tranh River Hydro-Power Station 2 Asphalt Paving Project

Introduction: Tranh River Hydropower Station 2 is a complex of buildings including the water reservoir and a power plant on the River Painting, a tributary upstream of the Thu Bon River, in Bac Tra My district, Quang Nam province. Hydropower plant with a capacity of two 190 MW units, the average power output of 679.6 kWh annually and the station is invested with a fund of 5,194 billion Vietnamese Dong. The project was constructed in 2006, and the first generator started from December 19, 2010.
WEI XERN SIN VIETNAM honored to be tasked with constructing ​​of asphalt concrete roads around the dam area. With construction capacity and high sense of responsibility, WEICOVINA Company wishes to complete the work in accordance expected to hand over to the investor.

Construction Categories: Paving asphalt concrete roads around the Dam area.

Work Area: (Estimated) 19826m2

Location: Tranh River Hydro-Power Station 2, North Tra My, Quang Nam Province.



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