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Mining & Producing Stone

Having a mining License No: 1861/GP-DCKS on 16/08/2001 issued by Quang Nan People's Committee for 192,000m2 mining area in Son Tra Mountain. In addition to that, by having a magnificient crusher with a maximum capacity of 1500m3/day we can statisfy the client's demand in any sizes, qualities and quantity.

  1. Stone size 0 x 0,5 mm
  2. Stone size 0.5 x 1 mm
  3. Stone size 1 x 2 mm
  4. Stone size 2 x 4 mm
  5. Stone size 4 x 6 mm
  6. Custom size for client's needs



Wei Xern Sin Vietnam Joint Stock Company

Tam Nghia Ward, Nui Thanh District
Quang Nam Province, Viet Nam

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